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Grand Tour Part One: Europe

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One continent. One 185 mph supercar. A once in a lifetime adventure. This is our answer to all the scripted and formulated ideas we see on the TV. Here is our dedication to being free! With no crew, no support vehicles. Life on the high road captured for real.

'It's Gumball Rally Meets Corrie!!'
Max Power

'The original Grand Tour long before Clarkson stole the title'
Jim White, Daily Telegraph

Made on a shoestring (well, actually John's credit card!), this is a very amusing and inspirational film. Unusual in its freshness and frankness, it shows how, if you set yourself free, life will carry you along just fine. No showing off, no preening. Just honest good fun and adventure.

- 3 race tracks, two grand prix circuits
- 6 countries, 3 mountain ranges
- 3000 miles
- Stunning on board camera shots
- 69 minutes, original soundtrack, includes DVD extras

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'The perfect journey'
Peter Moore

'Great fun!'
Sam Dawson, Classic Cars

Fast approaching 40, car crazed John Matthews decides it's time to pursue a boyhood dream: thrashing a supercar around Europe with his best friend in search of the perfect road.

Featuring Trevor, a ballistic 185 mph TVR Sagaris, this car mad travelogue crosses six countries, three race circuits (including the Monaco Grand Prix track!) and some awe-inspiring roads. With a boot packed full of maps and no room for any spare undies, this film is about the thrill of driving a truly fantastic car on some of the best roads in the world.

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We drove flat out for days on end, met glamorous women, battled with Police and had to throw off swarms of Italian kids in our quest.

As travel author Peter Moore put it:

"These guys went looking for the perfect road and found something even more elusive - the perfect journey."

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